Lee Jung Hyun – Michyu

Lee Jung-hyun (born March 13, 1980 in Daegu, South Korea) is a Korean pop singer and actress. Lee Jung Hyun is one of the most notable stars in Korea. Dance, Electronica and Techno are her label sounds, but as for her image it is an ever-changing catharsis of distinctive personas or characters. She became popular not only for her songs but also for her creativity and her acute sense of style. She blends the traditional Korean dance with euro-disco dance and Tai Chi, and develops her own brand. When she performs in her baggy clothes, dances to the music, she bewitches and captivates everyone in the venue.

Another peculiarity of Lee Jung Hyun is that she does not use a regular microphone. She wears a wireless microphone on her finger so as not to disturb her performances. She sings to the microphone worn on her finger with a stylish hand gesture, which compliments her dances. This gesture became her performance trademark.


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