Koreana – Hand in Hand

Koreana is a Korean musical group that was active from 1962 – 2003. The group is well known and well remembered for signing the official theme song of the 1988 Seoul Olympics entitled Hand in Hand.

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3 Responses to “Koreana – Hand in Hand”

  1. Sune Says:

    Dont know havent heard it yet

  2. Gina Vaughn Says:

    I still remember on those of day. We had the Seoul Olypmic on 1988, I had a special year and I still loved it. And I graduated in high school that years.

  3. Gina Vaughn Says:

    I just turn on the Korean Music page, and i found it one of my favor, I still remember that “The Seoul Olympic” at 1988, it was so beautiful, in touch for whole world at the moment. I was so lucky to graduated in high school.
    I love it, but i was wondering that “where are thay” the “Koreana” group!!!

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