Jang Nara – I am a Woman Too

Jang Nara was born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea and is a prominent Korean singer and actress. She spent her childhood in the Korean capital and was fond of theater while she was still young.

Jang Nara’s first success took place after the release of her first album, Burying my Face in Tears, which sold 400,000 copies worldwide, wherein this song is still popular in Korea for its harmony and Nara’s native vocal voice. She is also involved in acting and in charity works like helping North Korean children who are suffering from starvation. Jang Nara is also a member of the FHI Charity Organization.

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  1. Ha Hyun Says:

    I love you

  2. Dave Says:

    Who do you love? If it is Jang Nara, I don’t know if she will get your message :)

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