BoA – Listen to my Heart (live)

Boa Kwon is a South Korean singer popularly known by her stage name BoA which has been backronymed to Beat Of Angel. At the age of 13, she released her first and debut album ID; Peace B during 2000 and received positive reviews.

Rumored to star in her first movie with Jay Chou entitled Kung Fu Dunk to be released in 2008, BoA is currently busy with her film career and music career in Japan as well.

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4 Responses to “BoA – Listen to my Heart (live)”

  1. athenaksor Says:

    hi…………how are you?
    it’s nice to meet you
    i like you sing and i like you too
    i hope you will come to usa sing in here
    i hope too
    i hope you will write to me too
    c yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. wroldi Says:

    I am truly impressed by BoA. She can sing not only in her native Korean, but in Japanese and English as well.

  3. Leslie Says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting. Do continue to check us out more often!

    I like BoA too, she’s very multi-talented and her vocal range is amazing.

  4. Ayumi Says:

    Hey im ur fan i dont listen ur music that much but i like yunhaa better not to hurt ur feelin but yah i love u too so dont worry and hope to see you in L.A

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